What characteristics do you require in a house to consider it a home? A luxury home in a prestigious gated community? A contemporary townhouse in a family neighbourhood? Or perhaps a modern apartment in an active residential high-rise?

Our masterplan’s signature reflects choice, liveability, sustainability and community inclusiveness. Based on the concept of a 20-minute walkable neighbourhood, Australian Education City provides connectivity and accessibility to a range of transport modalities and lifestyle choices for everyone. Our precinct includes up to ~2,850,000m2 of residential GFA for ~26,500 dwelling new low, medium and high density dwellings to cater for up to ~67,000 new residents. From waterfront properties to quiet tree lined streets, our residential developments provides access to high quality community sporting facilities and assets, and a vibrant arts and entertainment precinct.

Along with commercial, education and R&D areas of the Innovation District, our residents will benefit from the next generation of Smart Cities technology. Australian Education City will use big data analytics to help the ICT system to learn from its residents and businesses, thereby improving how city infrastructure responds to the demands of its end-users, together with improving quality of life through efficiency of services to meet the city’s needs.